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Sandi Johnson

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As a real estate broker and appraiser with 21+ years of experience, I have helped hundreds of people take the best possible route to get the most ideal outcome when buying or selling their homes.

Whether you’re buying or selling, I’m 100% dedicated to making sure you’re not leaving money on the table.

I ensure that my clients always get the best when it comes to their homes. Here’s why…

  • Through my own experience of building and remodeling homes, I have an abundance of knowledge in construction from interior finishes to basic construction techniques and workmanship.
  • I have experience working with investors and through my own real estate investments, which all have had a track record of success.
  • I have a sphere of trusted professionals for referrals including contractors, title, escrow, home inspectors, lenders, movers and cleaners.
  • Problem-solving is one of my greatest skills. I believe everything is “figure-outable” and because I have the will, I always find a way.
  • I’ve been a Kitsap County resident since 1979 and a Kitsap County real estate broker since 2002.
  • I’m the owner of Olympic Appraisal Group and have been a Certified Residential Appraiser since 2000.
  • I’m extremely thorough and have a great reputation with other agents. This is beneficial to you because it helps when negotiating sales.
  • My commitment and dedication to my clients is unmatchable. Some of my clients ask if I even have other clients because they feel like my #1 priority!

What My Clients Say

We’ve been in our home now for a little over a month and we couldn’t be happier. Sandi stuck with us all through the hard times of trying to find a home. Her patience, diligence, and the team that she put together to help us find our home was really great.


My wife and I have known and worked with Sandi for more than 10 years. In that time, she has helped us buy our dream home and sell two multi-family rental properties. She handled each transaction with integrity and efficiency. Sandi’s knowledge of the market, buying and selling process, appraisals, inspections, documents and general industry expertise make her second to none. Whether buying or selling, we highly recommend Sandi for your next real estate transaction.


“Sandi pays attention to the needs of her clients with kindness and integrity. This has allowed me to feel comfortable communicating with her all along the road to selling and buying my home. She pays attention to details I would have missed and takes into account the longer term desires I have for my home. “

-Nita Baer M.A.
Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2016 in Poulsbo, WA.

“We had a ton of stress and worry being first time home buyers and she made us feel so comfortable. She was patient and understanding, and helped us find our dream home. Sandi answered every one of our thousands of questions! We are so happy with our home and our experience.”

- Verified Zillow Review
Bought a Single Family home in 2018 in Bremerton, WA

“Sandi was fantastic! She is very experienced and knowledgeable about properties and what to look for. She was well-organized and set a game plan with us to find the right home at the right price.”

- Verified Zillow Review
Bought and sold a home in 2017 in WA 98343

“We had a great experience as first time home buyers with Sandi. She made the process very smooth and worked with our narrow range of buying options. She explained all of the steps we needed to take and made great recommendations for inspectors. She was also very helpful with working with the owners to get things fixed before we closed on the house.”

- Verified Zillow Review
Bought a Single Family home in 2016 in Bremerton, WA

“Sandy is an amazing real estate professional. She is accessible, honest and dependable. She is thorough, efficient and reliable. I will definitely refer my friends and my family to her.”

- Verified Zillow Review
Bought a home in 2016

“Sandi is a very knowledgeable person who has a wealth of knowledge about the real estate market and financing options. It doesn’t matter if she is selling a little one bedroom vintage bungalow or a waterfront estate; she treats them with equal importance and attention. Her marketing materials are beautiful and professional.”

- Verified Zillow Review
Showed home in 2015 in WA 98312

“Sandi has such a good grasp of the market being both a real estate agent and real estate appraiser. Her knowledge and negotiating skills make her a huge resource. She has helped me buy and sell several properties over the years and I won’t use anyone else after experiencing what she brings to the table. “

- Verified Zillow Review
Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2013 in Poulsbo, WA

Quick Fun Facts

About Me

  • I absolutely love being a Grandma.
  • I’m very active in my community with the food bank, Kitsap fair and rodeo.
  • I’m a professional barrel racer and have ridden since I was a young girl.
  • I’m what some might call a “handy woman.” My tool chest is probably bigger than most men’s.
  • You’ll likely catch me hammering, drilling or sawing away at a new project at my house on any given weekend.